Sha Tin, Hong Kong

Tedi Diez

Hong Kong


Date of Birth:
Dec 27,1979

Want to Work in:
Shanghai, China

Work Experience:
> 10 year


Upper Management & Consulting

Chinese(Mandarin), English, Spanish

With 10 years working experience 3 of which have been spent in Asia (Shanghai and Hong Kong), background working in positions of responsibility, degree in Business Administration and Master in Foreign Commerce and International Negotiations I am confident I can make significant contributions to the continued success of the company.

My career has led me to manage multifaceted projects at an international level, moving progressively from family business and start up companies to foreign commerce business, international luxury brands and biotechnology companies, providing me with a comprehensive viewpoint about business and commercial relations in a wide range of industries.

Recently, and within “Spanish Governmental Export Subsidy Program” (PIPE) I have been coordinating production tasks in a biotechnology company as a Project Manager, travelling to China/Hong Kong and developing the market and negotiating as General Manager for the Chinese Market.

In Asia, I have worked as a Market Analyst and Consultant for the Spanish Trade Office in Shanghai, and as a Marketing, Sales & Logistics Coordinator for the Spanish Company LLADRÓ in Hong Kong.

I have keen interests in other cultures, fluency in English and Spanish and knowledge of Mandarin.

Work Experience
General Manager (Chinese market) & Project Manager (Spain)
Valencia, Spain; Shanghai,China - WOLA plc
I currently work here
Coordinated a multidisciplinary biosensor production work team
Market intelligence, identifying, researching and finding potential customers, distribution channels, key governmental institutions and current competitors.
Organized technology test validation with the Technology Institute of Shanghai, negotiating with Chinese R+D government authorities.
Responsible for forecasting, modeling and drafting WOLA China Business Plan.
Defined export strategies, analyzed markets, prepared marketing materials to assist trade exhibitions and attended several European investment forums.
Ensured requirements, documents and export certifications.
Attended several business related exhibitions in China, interviewed with potential customers and Chinese government members, and visited industrial parks for a possible future settlement of a factory in China.
Marketing, Sales & Logistics Coordinator
from 2009.04 to 2010.02
Coordinated the logistics between Valencia headquarters and Asia-Pacific distributors, keeping separate accounts for each one of the 8 countries
Worked cross-functionally to ensure forecast data and market intelligence, i.e. researching key product decision makers, understanding about luxury sector.
Organized business events, exhibitions and road shows, including planning and logistics, budgeting, designing invitations and other specific marketing materials, inviting Medias, and mailing the customer database.
Drafted monthly reports including marketing expenses and sales figures.
Supported Hong Kong retail shops, synchronizing logistics with the warehouse and organizing the delivery service to VIP customers.
Drafted press releases for the Medias, and followed up the publication of the adverts negotiated with the luxury market magazines.
Undertook the cost-effectiveness advert analysis, drafting semi-annual reports including the media campaign expenses for the Asia-Pacific region.
Coordinated promotion campaigns, setting targets and strategies, designing and launching marketing materials, measurement of the results and sales.
Consultant & Market Analyst
from 2007.09 to 2009.04
Market intelligence for different business sectors, researching distribution channels, importers, potential markets, key product decision makers, etc.
Arranged business agendas, found proper contacts and Chinese counterparts, attended business meetings and completed translation tasks.
Gave advice during negotiations to the purchase departments about Chinese culture and ways of making business.
Visited Chinese factories to check product quality.
Attended exhibitions, conferences and networking events to facilitate business.
Commercial Coordinator
from 2006.05 to 2007.09
Coordination between sale & purchase parties, made purchase offers, and handled foreign trade documents like proforma invoices, Credit Letters
Bachelor - Business Administration
University of Valencia - Valencia, Spain
from 1998 to 2003
Business Administration, Economics, Management, Accounting, Quality control and standars, Marketing
MASTER - Internationalization of Companies
Luis Vives Business School - Valencia, Spain
from 2007 to 2007
Internationalization of Companies, Import/Export, Documentation
MASTER - Foreign Commerce and International Negotiations
IMAFE - Madrid, Spain
from 2006 to 2006
Foreign Commerce, Logistics, Import/Export, International Negotiations
2007 Best Business Plan
Contributor to the WOLA plc´s Business Plan, awarded with “2007 Best Business Plan” Awarded by IMPIVA
Microbiosensor for the continuous monitoring of chemical substances in fluids
Patent #: Europe Patent C12Q1/02 / EP19980917133 19980507
Spanish and European patent for “Microbiosensor for the continuous monitoring of chemical substances in fluids
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